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Michael Kriester from Henniker N.H Gets Screwed by Franklin Squires

Dear Friends at Western Capital,

My name is Michael Kriester from Henniker N.H. July of 2006 I was asked if I would like to lease my two homes in North Port Fl. to franklinsquires co.,Hill Erickson, and Newcastleholdings. After talking,faxing, and e-mailing each other the deal was done and they were going to pay the mortgages,taxes,power co.and lawn care for five years but as of July of 2007 they have not paid but only the first mo. The contract that we had with them said that if there was no payment, then they would pay the whole asking price. Now we are trying to get title back but as of today, I do not have it. Here are some of the names of people that I talked with. Mary Horvath now with a new last name of Applegate, Daniel Steadman that sells homes under the name of and Paul Diamond. I will supply you with all e-mails,faxes,contracts and letters if this will help you or law enforcement. Thank you Michael Kriester, 603 428 3044 my e-mail is

Thank you so much, we will look forward to receiving copies of all of the documents. You can email them to

Western Capital

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