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Live Call with Another Victim in Franklin Squires- Rick Koerber Fraud

For Immediate Release
The Western Capital Foundation
January 30, 2007

This is a formal update to the news release that we issued last night on the victim in St. George, Utah who lost $140,000 with Franklin Squires and Rick Koerber.

We just concluded a phone call interview with the victim who said that he lost $140,000.00 in this scam. He said that he did as we suggested on our web sites and filed an official complaint with the State of Utah and that Mike Hinses (the senior investigator for the State of Utah) sent an investigator to talk to him the very next day.

He said that he gave the State of Utah ove 200 pages of material that he has promised to send to our offices so that we can publish all of the contracts and data for you, our readers, to read.

He also stated that as of February 2007, Koerber made an agreement with the State of Utah that forbade him from taking any kind of monies for investments like this. We will post a copy of that entire agreement soon.

He also said that he will be preparing a VERY DETAILED outline of what happened to him and his family as a result of his investment.

We salute the State of Utah and the Division of Securities for responding so quickly to our readers complaints.

One thing that was said by Mr. Hinses was that this investigation is only beginning. The State of Utah has many victim reports that you have sent to our office that we have not published. We will only release information if you, the victim, provide verbal authorization.

To those of you that have spoken with us, please rest assured that your information is safe and will not be disclosed.

If you or your family gave money to Rick Koerber, Franklin Squires, Founders Capital or any other venue, PLEASE send us a DETAILED report to

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