Another Rick Koerber/ Franklin Squires Production/ The New Primer-- Promote Freedom & Make Money/ Robert Paisola Investigates

Mr. Robert  Paisola  Motivational Speaker on THE SECRET

Thanks to the students of Claude Koerber who sent this to us, you will want to check out the newest scam. Hell, I could do this, just build a database of people who want a free book, and then have a call center pitch them on the up sell, 4 days with Rick Koerber at his BOOT CAMP for only $10,000! Can you "FEDERAL INDICTMENT" Come on Mike, When is this going to end? Millions of dollars are gone and victims line the State of Utah.

The New Primer-- Promote Freedom & Make Money... Grab a copy ..its FREE.. LOL

You may have already heard this announcement, but I just wanted to share with you from my perspective why this new opportunity associated with the Free Capitalist Primer is so valuable. Although I certainly don't lack passion in the area of freedom, I do sometimes feel like I lack the ability to articulate my ideas as well as I would like. I realize that we all have our unique abilities and I know that one of Rick Koerber's is being able to articulate in an amazing way the principles of freedom and prosperity. So to get people excited about the cause of freedom, I've tried to get people to listen to Rick on Free Capitalist Radio or to attend one of his events. Although that has worked fairly well, those mediums still haven't reached everyone that I would like.

That's why I've been looking forward to the public launch of the Primer Quest for such a long time. Although it may be challenging at the present time for someone to purchase one of Rick's classes, attend one of his local events, or listen to him on the radio, the new medium being offered now opens up the possibilities to learn about and spread the word of freedom to an even larger group of people. The new Free Capitalist Primer (instead of the regular $15 price) is now being offered at no cost if you request an online eBook version of it at Well actually, it's even better than free. If you complete the Primer Quest disclosed in the Primer, you can actually make money for reading it. So essentially you have the opportunity to help in the cause of freedom and at the same time make some extra money. That doesn't sound like a bad situation at all.

If freedom is an ideal that matters to you, please read the Primer and you will come to understand why it has been and will continue to be such an incredible tool in the cause of freedom.


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"If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." -Benjamin Franklin


Devin and Kaci said...
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Robert Paisola said...
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James said...

I have personally invested over 125000 k into his programs. 4k of which went directly to his Franklin Squires group for mentoring. I've tried over and over to get through to him Via Jake Dayton, my calls and emails have been dropped.And when I asked about the rest of the mentoring program I was told that the meet of the investment was info on the fundamentals of wealth! That I can buy for 1k!Sad but true, I was left high and dry. The other 120k was in a note agreement with another company, that he has been mature on paying for over 12 months. So where did the money go? His mansion? Iceberg buildings all over Utah? Movie reals? Sports cars that he "Milled" in other peoples names, while never making a single payment on and keeping them hid? You tell me, all I know is that I'm a 125k less than I was, and it's killing me.