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C. Rick Koerber- Wisconsin-Utah- Now LAS VEGAS??? Robert Paisola Investigates

Hello to our friends around the world.

We just received this absolutely "titilateing" emails from one of our international readers. Will it ever end? We are sending news crews to check this out today and issuing a press release!

Dear Mr Robert Paisola:

You will not believe this.

Same Tactic........ Same Modus Operandi ..... Just read the statements from the website. All the same founding fathers - producers - value principle crap. I was invited to their seminar and saw - who else - WADE SLEATER in the office. Then I quickly made my exit having read about him recently. One of their staff even proudly said that they are affliated with Franklin Squires.

Legacy Equity Group, Las Vegas and

Innovative Property Sales

Wade Sleater, Rick Koerber, Gabe Joseph has been seen very frequently at that office.

Robert, thank you for all you do to help all of us regain our strength.

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