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Steve Maxfield Is On Board With Fox News, New York, Rick Koerber attempts to recruit "Delegates" and the Fraud Continues! By Robert Paisola

To Our Readers Around the World,

Today, we received a call from a Private Investigator named Steve Maxfield. Steve is a person who has gone to battle in the past and is currently in litigation with Rick Koerber due to losses that his clients have faced.

We are very sympathetic to the victims of Rick Koerber, and this is why we are stepping up to the plate to continue to help you.

As many of you are aware, Fox News in New York City is doing a story on C. Rick Koerber and Franklin Squires. Until today, we were not aware of Steve Maxfields involvement with Franklin Squires.

As a result of the story that appeared in the Salt Lake City Weekly, as well as information on this and many other forums around the world, including The National Media is swarming to see the details of this story.

So, during our conversations with Mr. Maxfield, we are told that the only way to get Rick Koerber on the phone is to call his attorney. So that is what we did. We called an attorney in Utah named Blake T. Ostler. His office number is 801-575-5000 and his cell phone is 801-573-9756.

During the call we stated that we wanted to get Koerber and Gabe Joseph in line for the New York shoot, This attorney, who is supposed to represent Koerber was a complete ASS. He stated that there would be no interview with Koerber on Fox and hung up. Well, thank God you have us to spread your voice!

We relayed this to FOX and they are going to run the story without Koerbers input.

To this, we ask the Free Capitalist, "What in the hell do you have to hide?" Well, we are going to start to post all of the documents that we have received as a result of the investigation by Steve Maxfield.

Here is an interesting email that was just sent to us by a Koerber supporter that we have agreed to not name, as he is providing us with a plethora of information, and in in Koerbers Circle:

Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 13:34:29 -0400
Subject: Are you available to help?

March 25, 2008

I am working on a project today of very high importance. I am hoping
you'd be interested in helping make this an enormous success. Here's
what's going on.

Tonight at 7pm is when Republicans and Democrats in Utah will be holding
caucus meetings where delegates are elected in local precincts to attend
the County and State conventions. I am trying to get an extremely large
number of 'freedom and prosperity' minded individuals to

1) attend their caucus meeting and

2) get elected as a *State* delegate.

I cannot explain how important these positions are and sadly, many
Utahans just take local government for granted.

This is where real people and real politics meet. This is a simple yet
vital way to contribute to our community and to advance the agenda of
freedom and prosperity.

It is NOT difficult to do this, the hardest part is to get over the
anxiety of having not done it before. Here is how it works.

1. You identify the voting precinct where you live and where your caucus
will meet - look here.

For Utah County Caucuses.

For Salt Lake County Caucuses.

For other counties check with your County Clerk.

2. Work for the rest of the day today to bring as many friends and
supports as possible (even if its just family and friends in the
neighborhood) who live in the same precinct who will VOTE for you.
Remember you are RUNNING FOR OFFICE as a state delegate.

3. Prepare a short 2 to 3 minutes 'persuasive speech' to deliver at the
caucus meeting. The speech should be a summary of your views -
specifically related to the US Constitution, Freedom, Limited
Government, Prosperity etc.

4. Start right now calling everyone you know in your neighborhood,
inviting them to come.

5. Arrive at the caucus meeting early - say at least 6:30p.

6. When the time comes have someone nominate you (this should be
arranged in advance so the opportunity is not missed, generally you are
not allowed to nominate yourself).

7. Give your speech, when recognized, stand up and be calm, deliver your
message and be confident that by doing so you will get enough votes to
become a state DELEGATE.

8. *Email me* and let me know what happened and tell me briefly about
your success.

So, that's it. It is NOT difficult. BUT this is not something most
people do.

THIS IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT than just casting a ballot this November.
Like minded people have an opportunity to REALLY AFFECT their government
and their community.

We have an AMAZING opportunity and its TONIGHT!

*Will you help?* If you are willing to help, here is what I'm asking for.

1. Will you run as a delegate and do steps 1-8 above? (The only excuse
for not doing so is if there is someone else in your precinct who you
support as like minded and very capable).
2. Will you recruit others to come to your precinct meeting and vote for
you or the person you support?
3. Will you help me spread the word and get friends and like minded
associates in other PRECINCTS to do the same. This means using email,
making telephone calls and MAKING THIS A PRIORITY right now!
4. Will you keep me informed via email so I can track our progress and
in turn keep you informed.

Let's make a HUGE difference. Let's do something that matters.

Let me know if 'YOU'RE IN' by emailing me back and confirming your
intentions tonight.

I look forward to hearing back from you immediately.


C. Rick Koerber
Free Capitalist Project

So as you can see, C. Rick Koerber, the CEO and FOUNDER of Free Capitalist Project / Free Capitalist Foundation and Free Capitalist Enterprises, LLC is attempting to use the legislative system to hide the wrongs of the money that he stole. Hell, lets just have all of my followers run as delegates! I will even tell them what to say "Prepare a short 2 to 3 minutes 'persuasive speech' to deliver at the caucus meeting. The speech should be a summary of your views -specifically related to the US Constitution, Freedom, Limited Government, Prosperity etc" Drink the Cool Aid My Sheep!

We also just received information that Rick Koerber is re branding "Prosperity Quest" as the new Franklin Squires.

As many of you know, our servers are co-located around the world, including here in Mexico and all over in 21 different countries, so take this post and feel free to repost this around the world.

Finally, we want to again thank the many people who have provided us the information and data to essentially close Franklin Squires. Look at the photos at .... Oh, we mean "scale back" LOL

So, keep sending the information to and if you are a member of the media, please respond to and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

Oh, and do our readers really believe that the message from the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that was read from the pulpit around the United States was a mere coincidence? Be real people, and as Rick Koerber himself says...

Turn on your brain, and look at the facts!

From Mexico with Love,

Robert Paisola
The Western Capital Foundation

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skuba said...

I invested $200K with an LLC in St. George. (SGS Capital) The money made it's way up the chain to Franklin Squires. Got in touch with Koerber. Koerber said he would buy my home on a seller financed note. Sent me purchase contract and a release to hold him harmless. Koerber signed the release and not the purchase contract. I signed the release and he broke deal to buy the home. Nice guy.