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Filming for NBC- Live Conversation with Utah Division of Securities on Franklin Squires and Koerber Investigation Posted, by Robert Paisola

We have been swamped with phone calls from all over the country as people have read about the letter that we received from this attorney in Utah that is shown below.

Approximately at 11:50 AM this afternoon, we called the case investigator for the State of Utah, Mike Hinses. He was aware of our posting and wanted us to convey this message to all residents that have been impacted by the actions of C. Rick Koerber and Franklin Squires that they want to talk to you. He was on his way out of the building for a week long vacation, but he returned to take our call. "Yeah, I see that letter all the time" hmmmm. ANYONE ELSE who received this letter, please send us an email immediately. We will soon be posting a victim list and will also post the list of the other members of the media and individuals who received this "boilerplate" letter. We want to interview you you on camera.

Finally Mike announced that last week he filed formal criminal charges against PAUL BUSHARD " who is in Rick Koerber's "Downline"

Mike said he will send us a copy of the criminal filing for us to post. He also said that he can be contacted by any citizen at and while he is away, to please copy the Director of the Division of Securities for the State of Utah, Wayne Klein with all information. His email address is

Again, if you have received a letter like this, we want to talk to you. If we have already interviewed you and you were an employee at Franklin Squires, we have not released those tapes yet. We will contact you prior to distribution.

There is a lot of information posted here on Franklin Squires. If you are or have been a victim, please contact us at

For a Live telephone call between the director of the Utah Division of Securities and Western Capital, look here:

Give this a few minutes to load, but it is worth the wait! (Cut and Paste)

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So who is really trying to use the media to try their case?