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Anyone Heard From Gabe Joseph or Franklin Squires?
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Anyone Heard From Gabe Joseph or Franklin Squires?
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Sunday, January 20, 2008
Annuit Coeptis LLC (Gabriel Joseph) Real Estate Ponzi Scheme or Legitimate Business?
I’m hoping that if I post my story about investing with Gabe Joseph and Annuit Coeptis, LLC that others will come forward as well. If you are looking for information about Annuit Coeptis the all seeing eye on the back of the one dollar bill, you have came to the wrong place, this is about a company that has defrauded my family and many others out of money.

The first time I met Gabe was in his office at Franklin Squires, he seemed nice but you could tell he was a salesman. He told us about Rick Koerber and how he was such an “honorable” man. He told the story of how Rick’s company National Business Solutions went under at the end of the ow H .com era. Rick paid back all of his creditors in full with interest. He told us how the money was invested in Founders Capital and very briefly told us about the “Equity Mill TM”. What Gabe never went over is the questions that you have to ask to satisfy the SEC.

The first time we caught “The Invisible Hand” of capitalism and his assistant Brandon Adams in a lie was back in June, Gabe was very late on his July 2007 interest payment and he claimed that he was on a fishing trip and Brandon also claimed he was on a fishing trip. The funny thing is they both thought that the other was taking care of the payments. I guess Gabe forgot that he had to approve the payments. The next month’s interest payment for August 2007 was on time. Starting with September the money stopped and the lies came out in full force.

We thought that Gabe or Brandon would tell us that we were not going to get that month’s interest payment. Instead we got the run around from both Gabe and Brandon. We did find out that others were lucky enough to get their interest payment that month (I wonder how he chose). The story we heard was that he didn’t have any money, Founders Capital wasn’t distributing. Gabe claimed that if Founders wrote a check to him and he cashed it, he would go to jail. He said because the state was investigating Founders Capital. The second lie we were told is that Founders couldn’t payout because their assets were frozen by the state. The third lie that we heard was if they paid money out it would be “discrimination” (whatever that means).

That is contrary to what the State of Utah claims; that they want Rick, Gabe and all of the gang to pay their investors back. The State said that all of their stall tactics and excuses they are giving us are absolutely false. If you want any chance of getting some of your money back, contact the State of Utah Division of Securities. (Contact info is at the bottom of the page). They also claim that they are cooperating with the state, giving financials etc. This is also false. The latest excuse that Gabe is now claiming is that he doesn’t know why Rick is not distributing from Founders Capital. Gabe said that 80% of his money is coming from Founders but 20% is coming from other interests that are doing well. I wonder if he is living off of the 20% because I know investors aren’t seeing it.

We are so very glad that we didn’t get involved with their FranklinSquires University or the Free Capitalist Project. I know a few people that have and it’s like adding insult to injury. Since they use their church affiliation and verbiage to teach their principles it would be interesting what the first presidency would think of their business practices.

Since the fall of Annuit Coeptis I have read many things about Gabe, Rick and FranklinSquires. The only principle that they know or truly believe in is selfishness. It makes me sick to think they have swindled millions of dollars out of investors. Yet they drive around in Ferrari’s and live in their 3 to 5 Million Dollar houses and cabins. I keep thinking that I will see a big billboard with a huge house and a picture of Rick saying this is the house that fraud built. I just can’t understand why they think that they have done nothing wrong. While some investors are losing their houses and others will be paying for their “material possessions” for years to come. I’m not sure how they can feel good about themselves knowing that they have lied, cheated and stole from others. I think they were trying to tell us something with their slogans “Some things are true whether you believe it or not”, “Turn your brain on”.

If you have received a questionnaire from the State of Utah Division of Securities please fill it out in the entirety. They already have copies of your promissory note so they already know the terms of the agreement. The purpose of the questionnaire is to find out if fraud was committed on the part of the issuer and to help get investors monies returned.

Please post your stories and comments so that others may learn more information about the Franklin Squires Ponzi Scheme. This blog isn’t just about Annuit Coeptis it is for anyone that has any dealings with FranklinSquires or subsidiary thereof.

Anyone seen or heard from Gabe or any of the FranklinSquires principles lately?


Franklin Squires
85 East Bay Blvd.
Provo, UT 84606

Annuit Copetis, LLC
9481 North 3830 West
Cedar Hills, UT 84062

State of Utah Division of Securities
160 East 300 South
P.O. Box 146760
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6760

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