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The Rick Koerber Indictment, Here we go, by Robert Paisola

May 26,2009
For Immediate Distribution Western Capital Multimedia by Robert Paisola

To all of our readers around the world. We want to take a moment and acknowledge the thousands of calls and emails that you have made to our offices regarding the indictment of Mr. Rick Koerber of Franklin Squires that occurred this afternoon.

I want you to know that a fellow media associate advised me three days ago that this was going to happen. We did not know when the indictment would be issued, or when the Grand Jury would meet in Utah, we just knew it was eminent.

Today at 2:30 PM MST, there was an official press conference at the Office of The US Attorney for the District of Utah. We were there. Standing along side the dapper US Attorney , were members of various governmental agencies that had been investigating The Rick Koerber and Franklin Squires matter for as long as we have.

During the past year, we have come to know Rick Koerber.

We have had the opportunity to spend hours with him and to meet his family. We have had the opportunity to place a face with a name that seemed so far away, staring from a billboard.

We have also come to know Rick Koerber as a businessman who gained much success at an early age, but trusted too much. We have seen and heard the stories of his ups and downs. We have personally seen people assemble at his feet as he spoke.

We have seen and have gotten to know the many political, governmental, business and people like you and I, who he calls his friends that Mr. Koerber keeps close to him.

We have seen the fierce loyalty of members of his staff, who protect him vigilantly.

We have seen the person. We have seen the pain, We have seen the agony. We have seen the betrayal of many people who clearly documented their support for this man, only to turn their backs in times of strife.

We have seen and interviewed many of the Victims of the Alleged Scheme. We have witnessed the abuse that they received as the words of the teacher were bastardized for personal gain by his students and past partners. We have seen the pain that they now face, as they are loosing their homes and their financial stability, as a result of many (to be named) unscrupulous people. We have seen the political arena shift.

We as an organization have shifted. I Robert Paisola as your moderator, editor, confidant and CEO have shifted.

One thing that we can and will say is that Mr. Rick Koerber is a 34 year old man who is a father, a motivator, and an inspiration to many. His radio show is played throughout the world, and he receives comments daily from those whose lives he has touched from around the world.

We also know that we have extreme power in this matter as a liaison to you, the American Public, a mission that we take very seriously.

Why the change?

Imagine if you will, driving down a large highway, perhaps it is i-15 in Utah, and looking to the right and then to the left, and seeing the face of a man who appears to be confident, secure and privileged.

Remember back to when you saw those billboards... What did you think?

Honestly, I saw a man who had the courage to take a stand and to attempt to change the lives of many for the better. I was jealous that I did not have the ability to take such a stand to better peoples lives. But at that moment, I committed to do just that, to create change in the world, no matter what the cost.

And I wondered, Could your life really be changed by having a 740 FICO Score?

After two years of investigation into this man, and after spending thousands of dollars in a cat and mouse game that Rick and I only laugh at, many times I have often criticized Rick Koerber in the public arena, because I was simply repeating what I was being told by many of the victims of this massacre , which I have often openly criticized.

But not one time did I make the decision to "Go to the source" and to simply call Rick Koerber and offer to sit down and talk. My ego was much too big for that to happen.

Then one day last year, I made the decision to simply pick up the phone and call this icon named Claude Rick Koerber. Guess what! He answered the phone.

Awkward as it was at first, like the BYU v Utah Rivalry, we began to see that there were many similarities between us. He was a mental giant; a true intellectual genius and could quote from many archaic government speeches that I had only glanced at in college, AND he became REAL.... VERY REAL.

He was now not just a person that we had been receiving email about for 2 years (both good and bad) , but he was now a REAL PERSON.

A Week after this two hour initial phone call, we met in person, and from that time forward, we have been keeping in touch.

I can tell you that he is a very open person just like I am , and I attribute the experiences of my past to the person that I am today.

It was a magical moment to meet the leather jacketed, non shaven, "Regular Guy" who looked or acted nothing like the guy in the videos or on the billboards. Simply "one of the guys"

After a 7 hour meeting with Rick Koerber at a local restaurant, I learned very quickly that I could trust this man. I have a keen sense of awareness and have been trained in many areas of psychological awareness, including body language awareness.

But, as I watched diligently as he drew out the maps and graphs of the structure of his organizations. I watched a man who trusted..... perhaps too much, the people around him, and I saw a person who was becoming familiar and open. This was not the man that we had been reporting about.

This is when I met THE REAL Rick Koerber.

At the end of the end of the evening, he played me some tapes that he had archived, telling me that he had absolutely no intention to share these tapes with me, and I still keep the words guarded to this day, as these are words from a Senior Government Official who will plow the way for Rick Koerber to be exonerated.

I often wonder what the American Public and A Utah Jury of his peers will say as they hear the words that I heard from that absolute prophetic governmental official.

I was convinced.

At that moment, I knew that this was a man who was someone who simply trusted way too many people.

This was a man who had no idea of the power that he possessed.

This is a man who people look up to even in times like this.

My friends, now is the time to do what you think is right. Now is the time for you to take a stand and show America that you are accountable for the actions in your life, just as Rick Koerber has done without fail.

Now is not the time to back down, because what I saw today in the United States Attorney's office with my own eyes is something that words can not describe.

I saw big brother stand before America and say "I Dare You" I also saw Jason Chaffetz and President Obama say Hold on guys, lets take a closer look at this. I saw Senator Hatch and Governor Jon Huntsman say... enough is enough. It was not said, but I could see it in my mind. This is NOT the America that the founders had envisioned, and I could see Rick Koerber sitting on the Witness Stand, demanding to be heard, as the jury of his peers wept.

What I do know about Rick Koerber is that he is a person tat I can call 24 hours a day and get advice from. I am here for him, and he is here for me. We have been in the room with many dignitaries from around the world who I can only imagine what they will do as they read this. But I can tell you that they will not falter.

Rick Koerber is a person who I compliment in public settings.

Can you believe that we stood on the same stage together, in UNITY, as he made a pledge to hold those people accountable for their actions as they wantonly violated the rights and used his teachings that he provided take advantage of innocent people. I saw the passion in his eyes. I saw the dignitaries align with him, and I saw his future jury nod in complete agreement. That was a sight that I will never forget.

What I will tell you is this. Rick Koerber is someone that has a plethora of data that we have been given carte blanche access to. He is someone who keeps meticulous records. He is someone who records calls (Hundreds of Hours) and he is someone that is surrounded by a magic bubble of supporters who will not fray.

I have seen these people and these people are the exact people that will be on the jury that hears this story, who watches the videos, who hears the tapes, who will relate to this 34 year old man and see clearly what he has been through in the past few years. These are the same people who will take a stand for justice in America,

Many people have said, yes Rob, but the government wins 97 percent of the cases which they file. That may be true, however I can guarantee you that you are about to witness a defense team that BECAUSE OF YOU, is going to go the distance. There is no middle ground in this fight. There is no backing down.

"Rob, I would rather sit in jail the rest of my life knowing that I have done the right thing that to stand in fear and become another statistic" Just think if every single accused person took this position. There would certainly be many less people in Federal Prison right now.

This is not a trial about Rick Koerber, Founders Capital and a bunch of Real Estate Deals, this is about YOU and our government. This is about you and YOUR future. This is about audio tapes that will make you sit back and say.... there is no way.

And that is straight from someone who has spent almost 1000 hours reviewing the data and the deals.

Mr. Koerber, fear not, as you are surrounded by thousands of people who believe in you, and they not only believe in you in words, they believe in you from their hearts and their pocketbooks.

The surprise and disbelief that was expressed by the prosecution as your prized attorneys confirmed their representation of you in this case said more than words can tell.

There is so much more to say, however at this time, I am unable to be more detailed. But watch carefully at how this plays out. Look at the expert witnesses. Look at the pedigrees of the Attorneys and Investigators that will be working on this case, and look at many of the ALLEGED VICTIMS, as they freely open their wallets to cast their vote for Freedom in America.

If you are in a similar situation, contact our offices now at Take time to read this and post your comments. Take time to offer your services, your time and your money. Any and all money received will go directly to the large amount of money that it takes to fight a battle like this.

Oh, who am I? Take a look at a couple of websites:

and if you really want to see how we work, simply watch the hundreds of videos that exist where we are going to battle with the Big Guys for YOU.

And if you are the kind of person who loves to read gossip and dirt, and you have some insane desire to read all of the fun stuff from the past, check out our foundation at . On this site, nothing is held back, and trust me, we know where we are, we know where we have come from, we know where we stand, we follow the law, and accept accountability when wrong, and we certainly know what we are doing and how to navigate the political system in America.

All media inquiries should be directed to or

To your success Mr. Koerber,

Robert Paisola
The Robert Paisola Innocence Project

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