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Robert Paisola Responds: The Franklin Squires and Rick Koerber Indictment

To our friends around the world:

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and to present your feedback on what you read and have read now and in the past.

It is essential that we are very clear that we are not privy to any special information that has not been presented to the public. We are simply using this forum as a place to keep you, the American Public, informed.

One of the biggest obstacles that we are coming across is the fact that so many people are contacting our office who are being viewed as victims of the Franklin Squires Machine.

You need to understand that because there was an official indictment filed against Rick Koerber yesterday in Federal Court, there is absolutely no way for Western Capital to assist you with any claims you may or may not have against the company, Mr. Koerber or any of his associated.

There are many people that have this belief that we have a magic wand that we can waive to solve their personal problems. As of this point, that is not possible.

Yesterday, the US Attorney for the State of Utah, advised us that the investigation was considered "Ongoing" and that anyone that had additional information should contact their office.

This is what we would ask you to do.

We will continue to bring you live coverage of not only events surrounding the case, but our personal feelings as well, just as you witnessed yesterday in our article that discussed our personal feelings on Mr. Koerber.

Again, these should in no way be considered facts, as because we are not trial counsel, we can not begin to predict what will happen in the future.

One good thing is that Rick Koerber now has the ability to defend himself against comments and charges that have been alleged against him and his companies over the past few years. One of the negative sides, is that one of the most important concerns that Attorneys have when they deal with a very high profile case like this is HOW THEY WILL TRY THE CASE. The strategy that will be used is something that not only the American Public, but the national media, must present to Counsel for the Defendant.

The bottom line is that there are many questions regarding this case that remain unanswered. It is highly probable that many of your questions will remain unanswered until the Government or Trial Counsel determines the proper time and place to discuss those matters.

One thing that we can tell you is that there are many people who have contacted us and have gone into great detail about their losses. Many people believe that just because they have never been contacted, that they will not be considered victims of this issue.

We DO NOT have access to the courts. We can not predict the future, and because of ethical issues, it is impossible for us to assist you in any way "to get your money back"

As many of you know, we have been bombarded by media from around the world. Because of the extreme demand from the media and the world time zone issues, as well as because of our history with this case, we are only working with national media. That is not to say that we can not work local media into our schedule, it is just a simple process of reaching the most amount of people possible. That is why we choose to appear on NPR National vs. a local NPR Affiliate. That is why you will see us on the BBC National Channels as opposed to the daily newspapers in Europe.

Again, please call 801-619-4700 and be specific on your needs. Let us know what you want and when your deadline is. We do not want to be on National Television in Africa at 3:00 AM, but if that is what works, please let us know.

Finally if there are questions that can not be answered, please understand that we will simply tell you that we can not discuss that matter.

I wish the National Media, the Victims, the Prosecution Team and the Defense Team nothing but the best. But please understand that we are NOT going live on CNN to debate this matter with the United States Attorney. That is not only wrong, but extremely improper.

Likewise, we can not show up at a victims home with cameras rolling and have the victims of this indictment throw questions at us without notice. The issue is that there are many people who have lost a lot. We are extremely sensative about the HUMAN NATURE of this story. Our commentary yesterday should be merely viewed as a personal analysis of how we view Mr. Koerber. We are not the judge, We are not the jury, and we can not deliver any information other than what we post here, on Facebook and on Twitter.

We appreciate your interest, but we ask you to please understand our position.

To your success,

Robert Paisola
CEO and President
The Western Capital Group of Companies

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