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Franklin Squires and New Castle Holdings, I am now due 5625.00..HELP!!! Robert Paisola Responds

Dear Robert Paisola,

I have been reading all the investigations that are ongoing with Franklin Squires. I own a home in Arizona that is currently under lease with option to purchase contract with New Castle Holdings. Like so many, we are not receiving payment. The last payment we received was in July. In October we signed a different agreement with New Castle for the remaining one year of the contract and received the October payment. We have not yet received the monies due which they agreed to pay with a promissory note. We are still awaiting payment for August, September, November, December and now January. The total outstanding money due as of today is $5625.00.

Please advise cancel the contract and then try to collect unpaid money? What is your advise?

Thank you,

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